Disappointing Trend- Bigcommerce’s and Shopify’s SSL Certificate Policy


I will be discussing my frustration with the recent policy changes by Bigcommerce with their SSL Certificates.  If you get to the end of this post and see something missing or inaccurate, please let me know.

Shopify and Bigcommerce

I have always been a big fan of shopping cart softwares that are fool proof, such as Bigcommerce and Shopify.  They are really easy to use and provide features that make running online stores enjoyable.  I have grown my own store from $0 to seven figure online store with Bigcommerce.  But the new policy by Bigcommerce in regards to Dedicated SSL certificates is disappointing and  undesirable trend.  My guess is that they grew to a level where they want to focus more on the bigger businesses rather than the ones built from home and operate from home.  Small businesses that can not afford their Enterprise plan will now have to settle for shared SSL certificate or buy an SSL certificate from Bigcommerce and GeoTrust.

The Problem I See With This Trend

I always used third party SSL certificates for my online store and I loved that about Bigcommerce.  But now, with the shared SSL I might loose business and I will explain why.  If you look at the image below, you can see that the link doesn’t look anything like my main domain.  It may scare some customers off, because it doesn’t look legitimate.

Shared SSL
This is what link looks like with Shared SSL

I do have an option of buying a dedicated SSL certificate through Bigcommerce from GeoTrust.  The problem with that is nobody knows who GeoTrust is and everybody knows who Symantec is.  I always used Symantec’s SSL certificate, because it pays off.  As I have noted in my other posts, Trust is the most important factor for your eCommerce business to succeed.  I rather pay $1K a year than $70, but have sales in the millions.  Since my website processes 200-300 orders everyday, it is important for me to keep the option of having anyone company I want as my security provider.

Bigcommerce’s SSL Certificate Policy Forced Me to Switch

Unhappy-CustomerI have decided to switch over to Magento and keep using my Symantec SSL certificate with all it’s benefits.  I believe the pay off is too high and I am not ready to loose my business.  Big commerce however, is on it’s way to loosing it’s smaller accounts upon which it was built.  Some new merchants might agree to the unknown name SSL certificate, but it will be difficult for them to grow.  I know from experience that you can start your business with less quality website, but if you want to grow your business, your approach to things will need to change.  Magento is not as easy to use as Bigcommerce and Shopify, but the freedom of being able to customize it is worth the challenge.

So What’s My Point?

Big commerce and Shopify know their business better, but I believe this is a roadmap to disaster.  Disaster maybe a strong word, but they will surely loose some business.  I will still recommend Bigcommerce and Shopify as one of the best platform to start selling, but as you grow you will need to switch over to Magento.  I believe paying ridiculously high monthly bill for Bigcommerce’s enterprise plan is not worth it.  You can achieve much higher results with Magento’s Community Edition if you spend the same amount on improving your store.  For starters I would recommend 3dCart, because they offer the option of having dedicated ssl certificate


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