How to Increase Your Sales by Avoiding These 5 Common Mistakes


We are human and we all make mistakes.

But let’s try to learn from the mistake of others to avoid wasting money and time while loosing sales.  All of us who get into the eCommerce business usually come into the field with different goals in mind, but one goal is for sure the same for everyone: that is to make money.  Just like in any other area of profession you learn by trial and error first, especially when you don’t have anyone giving you information.  So most new online sellers (those who sell from their own website) underestimate the importance of few aspects of running an online business.  When shoppers come to your site, they do not see you face to face and that brings a lot of issues and Trust is one of them.

5mistakesThink Like Your Buyer

Put yourself into the buyers shoes, if you went to a website that did not look professionally designed, if images did not look attractive, if they did not have a toll-free number, if they did not have a legitimate address, and if the checkout page was not secured, would you trust that website with your credit card number and billing address?  Absolutely not.  By merely getting a store front from one of the shopping cart platforms and posting your product images and details you will never see any sales.  Managing an online store takes much more than that.  It takes vision and the ability to think like your customer.

Some of the most common mistakes that new online businesses make are:

  1. Provide your legitimate information

    – if you are selling products or services online, you will require your customer’s sensitive information, such as name, billing address, and credit card information.  Why would anyone give you theirs if you do not want to give them yours?  So, make sure your name, business name, address, phone number is all intact and customers can contact you.

  2. Have a presentable front store design

    – Would you go into a brick and mortar store that looked like it was abandoned in the 18th century and spend money there? I don’t think so.  Websites that are not very well thought of and are not designed with user in mind will loose lots of business and that means money running to the competition.  According to research, the first few seconds are the most important impression for your customers and if they are not impressed, your website visitors bounce rate will be very close to 100%, which means you are paying for traffic for no reason.

  3. Dedicated SSL Certificate

    – This is one of the most costly mistakes that people make.  They will use shared SSL provided by their shopping cart platform, which is not good.  Why? Because shared SSL means when your customers click “Checkout” they will be transferred to some weird url which is not your main domain name.  That scares people off even though the site is secure.  Think about it, even if your customer did not pay attention to the fact that you do not have a phone number on the website and even if they did not care about your design, they will care about their security once they land on your checkout page.  So go ahead and spend $70 and get a dedicated SSL Certificate for you website and start collecting payments.

  4. Not Everyone Wants To Use PayPal

    – Some new websites offer only PayPal as an option for payment.  I understand that it is the easiest way to accept payments and probably everyone has one, right? Not exactly.  Even though lots of people use PayPal, not everyone does while everyone who shops online definitely has some sort of credit or debit card.  So by limiting yourself to PayPal only option, you are trimming down your customer base from already a subcategory of customers.

  5. “Add To Cart Button” In The Wrong Place

    – Small but very important detail, which seems that not everyone understands the point.  Most of the new themes offered by shopping cart softwares have the “add to cart button” all the way at the bottom, closer to the description of the item. If you require your customer to scroll down and find the button in order to buy the item, most likely you will loose about 35% of your customers, according to the research done by marketing companies.  Making sure that the button is located right in front of the customers eyes, you increase your chances of making that sale.


Avoid These Mistakes and Inflate Your Conversion

The prevention of those mistakes increases the chances of your store succeeding while those who do not pay attention to details will eventually fail.  Because they will be spending their budget on marketing while neglecting the very people they are paying to come to their site.  Ironic, but happens everyday.  I am talking from personal experience.


Thanks for reading,  if you liked it and if you learned something new, just share the post with your friends and family so they can also learn.  Leave  a comment below and let me know what you think or if you have suggestions.  


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