The Budget Needed For Starting An Online Store Ecommerce Business

dollarAs noted in the previous post, I will show you how and where to allocate your budget for your new business so that you can look back and say I spent that money wisely. I also want you to get a great return on your investment. All the resources I give out here will be from my own experience and I do not receive any compensation from companies I am recommending. I am simply putting it out there so that people who are new to this industry will be able to easily find the best people and services possible. Continue reading

successful eCommerce with small budget

Can I Start An Online Store With Little Budget?

small-budgeteCommerce Business Small Budget ?

In 2010 when I began my journey of building my ecommerce website in order to sell the products online, I stumbled upon hurdles that made me think it would require thousands of dollars to build one and get it going. Since then, I have built great websites for others and myself with very little budget that has brought income and created jobs. The myth is that you need to have a budget that will afford to hire professionals to run a website. When in fact, the main important factor in having a successful online business is to have an original idea and be a really good negotiator.

Small Budget Doesn’t Mean $0

When I say your budget doesn’t have to be large, I mean it doesn’t have to be over $500. That’s right, $500 will get you a lot and more in order for you to have a website that is stand alone, secure, trustable, and the one that will start bringing in revenue within very short time. If you are the person who already has a product idea or maybe even had some sales through marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy and many others, you are the perfect candidate to start your own website and start a new chapter of independence where you control your traffic, sales, and profits.

Why I Don’t Like Marketplaces

There are many places such as eBay and Amazon where you can start selling and those are great places to start. The problem with those platforms is that you have very little control over the entire process of establishing a business. Marketplaces take away a big chunk of your sales, which tremendously decreases the profit margins, one negative feedback from a scam customer will ruin your entire business, and you are at the mercy of eBay and Amazon, because they will suspend your account at any time they want. Now, if you are one of those who already experienced just that or someone who is so far successful, remember sooner or late there will come a time when platforms will get rid of you.

Gain Control Over Your Business

The beauty of building your own website allows you to build a brand. A brand that will be remembered by your customers and a brand that may become a household name sometime in the future. Obviously there are many aspects to the business that makes it successful. For instance, customer service quality and the ability for your customer to have a painless return process is something that will decide whether your website is successful. I will write separate posts regarding the importance of taking care of your customers, but here I would like to concentrate on how to get started and provide you with all the free and cheap resources for you to get started. Everything you will find on this website is free information that is aimed at helping people who are looking to become self employed and maybe even create some jobs.

My Story

One of my ecommerce websites brings in over $1 million in revenue every year and I didn’t spend much money on building it, but it took a lot of time and work on my side. It took me a lot of time, because I had to find all the resources myself in order to make a great website with very little money. My posts will help those who have very little knowledge and experience on how to build an ecommerce website where your customers will be able to visit, shop, and make purchases from you. I will also break down all the necessary knowledge and steps you need to take for product ideas and finding suppliers in china.   Besides having a product idea or having great suppliers in china, you will need to be passionate about starting your online store and believe strongly in your ability to do so. In the next post I will write and break down the costs of building a website that is ready to start accepting orders. I will give you all the resources you need to know and how to set your business up for success.

Stay Real & Be Successful

There are other places where they tell their readers that they don’t need money to start a business, but I like to stay real. My advice will take some of your time and you will spend some money on starting a business. You will spend your money on legitimate items and services and I do not sell those services or items. I will simply recommend you what I know works best and you be the one to decide whether you want to use them or their competitors. If you would like to start, just click here to read my next post where all the breakdowns will be provided. Please note that not everything will cost you money. There are services that are offered for free and are vital for your online business and without them you will not be able to achieve anything in the online world. I will speak about those services here and how to get them.